Automatic Test System - Model LG-L

Protective Earth Test     0.5 - 25 A AC, 1 - 500 mΩ    

Insulation resistance      50 - 1 000 V DC,0.5 - 400 MΩ,

                                       current-limited, EN 50191    

Function test, mains       230 V AC, dep. on mains supply 

                                       0.01 - 10,00 A AC    

Continuity test                0.5 - 25 V AC, 1 - 600 Ω    

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General data

Input voltage230 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Mains connectionIEC mains cable supplied
Tolerance mains voltage+/- 10 %
Current consumptionmax. 10 A
Fuse10 A, T, 5 x 20 mm, 250 V

X2-Variation: no display, remote control variation
X4-Variation: TFT colour display 5,7“ with touch
X5-Variation: TFT colour display 10,4“ with touch
X6-Variation: no display, external monitor necessary
X8-Variation: TFT colour display 10,4“ with touch

Operating system user interfaceX2-Variation: Only remote control variation
X4-Variation: WIN CE ®
X5-Variation: WIN CE ®
X6-Variation: WINDOWS ®
X8-Variation: WINDOWS ®
Storage of test plans and resultsX2-Variation:Storage through superordinate control unit
X4-Variation:Selectable local on SD-CARD, optional USB or LAN
X5-Variation:Selectable local on SD-CARD, USB or LAN
X6-Variation:Selectable local on hard disk, USB or LAN
X8-Variation:Selectable local on hard disk, USB or LAN
Setting of test parametersManual in the single test menu or via test plan (user interface DataView) all-automatic via interface (ASCII, DLL, LabVIEW, .NET)
Error messageAudio, optical and via interface
Dimensions (W x H x D)400 x 210 x 420 mm
WeightApprox. 23.8 kg
CasingMetallic case, RAL 7035
Basic equipment with deliveryManual, mains cable, safety circuit plug
CalibrationFactory-calibration incl. calibration certificate
DAkkS-calibration (BS/EN17025 similar to UKAS) option

Environmental conditions

Humiditymax. 80 %, not condensing
Allowed range of temperature+ 5 to + 40 °C
Max. hight above sea level2 000 m
CoolingInternal fan cooling


ETL-Interface / Digital-IOStart, stop, good result, bad result and test in progress (all digital outputs are solid state)
RS232 / PC- InterfaceRemote control interface for customer applications or for data management package ETL DataView

CAN Interface

For expanding the test system by additional devices and  additional ext. extension test modules
LAN InterfaceFor connection to the customer's own network, e.g. for storage of the test results, depending on the operating variation
USB portFor connection to external storage device as well as keyboard and mouse, depending on the operating variation
VGA-portFor connection to an external display, only X6- and  X8- models

Connections – test object, safety components

Signal lightsFor connecting a combined green/red warning light according to
EN 50191
Safety circuit

Three different options of safety circuit available
- Testing with test pistols
- Testing with test cages/two-handed operation
- Testing in an automatic production line

Connections for the test object

L1/HV1:        connection phase DUT *
L2/HV1:        connection N DUT *
PEX/HV2:     connection PE DUT *
PE Probe:    case contacting

*DUT -Device under test
Mains connectionIEC connector, 10 A, with fuse
USER-Interface / Digital-IO, optionalDigital interface for full remote control
(all digital outputs are solid state)
Analogue-IO, optional4 analogue input signals (0 - 10 V DC)
2 analogue outputs (D/A), for example: results monitoring
Frequency-IO, optional4 frequency inputs for recording speed- and there rotation-direction

 Expanded device-Setup

User administrationIndividual setup password protected
Signal configurationIndividual setup for digital results
Data manager for test plans and resultsIndividual setup of  storage options,  storage location, naming of the result files and automatic creation of sub-directories
Buzzer-optionsIndividual setup of acoustic warning
Basic settings of the test systemLanguage selection, device name, interface configuration
Start of the operating interfacesIndividual setting of the start menu. (e.g. direct start  in the test selection menu via barcode)
Test selection menuManual via selection window, process reliability via barcode- or keyboard entry, via digital interface or through read-out of a files
Manager for dummy testingDummy testing can be set according to the configuration: automatically requested (e.g. at program start, at user changes, via digital interface, after a certain number of test objects, a certain time or after a time interval)
Locking options for the test cageIndividual setting of the locking options (during the test, on Good, on Bad, …) Optional module

Start options for testing

Start- and stop- signal by test pistol *Special 4-wire-technology for automated test start and connection monitoring.
Test voltage will only start when both test pistols have contact to the test object. (depending on the built-in test modules)
Automatic start via safety circuitThe test can be started when the cage door is closed, for example.
Start button on the deviceFront panel button for test-start
Start via contact monitoring,
Start will only take place if the source and sense are connected, without cable break
Start by serial interfaceStart takes place through higher-level control system (SPS or PC)
Start by digital interfaceDigital I/O for example as PLC, footswitch, push button, etc. …
Start optionsindividual setup of start modes

  (*) patented:
  The ETL contact monitoring (KÜ) is a patented technology:

  German patents:  100 11 466.0 and 100 11 345.1
  European patents:            01 105 568.8 und 01 105 567.0

Electrical safety and norms

EN 61010-1safety regulations for electrical measurement, control- and lab- equipment
EN 61326-1electrical measurement, control- and lab- equipment – EMC-requirements
EN 61000-3-3 / EN 61000-3-2Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
EN 50191Erection and operation of electrical test equipment
EN 60598-1luminaire / Part 1: General requirements and tests
Contamination level2
Protection class1